Two eco-friendly promising brands

Hi there,

I’m here today to tell you about two brands which, for me, is improving day by day. With the arrival of the Sun, heat and summer, nothing better than to modernize his wardrobe. I am referring to Pinqponq and Faguo. Faguo is currently best known as Pinqponq, but no doubt that these two brands are going to take a certain magnitude.


For our vegan friends, nothing better than a brand like pinqponq whose items are certified vegan. More articles kinds in a very wide range of colors. You will not be able either to deny the originality of these items. For a brand that is still too little known, I think the range of excellent design. If you no longer want to buy the ‘Mister everyone’ bag as the Herschel bag (very beautiful but increasingly common) then the Pinqponq bags are for you. Go take a look on the site, simply to view the different products.

As cool as Pinqponq and his side vegan, faguo is also by his spirit “ecofriendly”.


And Yes, a tree is planted at faguo for each item purchased. Rather cool, isn’t it? I think such ecological consciousness is what will make a great brand of faguo.


Because in addition to this feature, articles are really original and comfortable to wear. And you know what? With the small button placed on each object, an article faguo spot by far. Hehe, it is the perfect debranding.

Are these simple reasons that should convince you to take a glance at these two brands. The detour is really worthwhile.

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