Is the “Swagg” dead and buried ? 


Has society forgotten this word? Was he ridiculed? The term “swag” seems to have disappeared the jargon or at least French jargon. Who has never used this term? Few people have never uttered it. And for so much right now I hear not even be whispered? I still remember these phrases intended to belittle or glorify people: “olala you no swag” or even “you’re too much swag”, “swagman”…


While we could have just stood to expressions such as “I love your style”, “I love the way you dress”, the term swag has emerged as “the expression to be”. And it is spent such a shooting star in the sky.

Wasn’t it become like an interplanetary brand of street fashion? It seems that the term is back as the simple translation of the French term “style”.

The term would mean both to be dressed in the trend but also to be confident and charismatic. This term was so much used, it gave rise to competitions on youtube and today it seems worn out.

Today, personally, I am happy that this Anglicism is no longer used. Because, in my mind, its use became ridiculous. We used this term all the time and sometimes people didn’t understand its meaning. This is just the result of a mass effect.

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