Woodin Sweets


Are you a pro of Haute Couture? Are you a real fan of African Wax? I bet that those who shall answer yes, do not know the creator Woodin. The African Haute Couture is in ascent and you have to take a look at it.


If you already traveled to Africa or if you socialize with people with African origins who still wear African clothes you should be familiar with the “wax-clothes”. These are the clothes with a lot of patterns as impressive as each other. In addition to being original, these patterns are colorful.

To be more accurate what we call wax is the clothing fabric whatever its quality. Yes yes yes there is differents quality of wax. Then when you get the wax you go to the couturier (dressmaker). To avoid these steps you just have to buy already-made clothes.

All I could say on Woodin itself is to present some collections. Images speak for themselves. There is an explosion of colors and a multiplication of shapes as I said earlier in the article. Some people will compare it to Desigual. But Woodin is African. It’s inspiration come from the original African cultural trend.

This is also the reason why clothes made in wax are interesting. Africa is often seen as a poor continent where few of the people figure out a way to make it work. Africa is always mentioned with misery and even the term “despair” is used. Even if there are young entrepreneurs that emerge it seems not enough. But if people paid attention to the African custom they will observe the wealth of the continent and their inexhaustible know-how in this domain and an overflowing creativity. I would even go as far as speaking about talent and about the transmission of know-how. All the colors and the forms reflect their joy of life and the warm aspect of their population.

“Woodin Couture” is a new vision of Africa, a better one !!!


When you look at this images, couldn’t you tell me that it’s pretty? Could you tell me that you won’t try? If you say so I would think it’s a lie or a joke.

You have to click here to discover more: WOODIN !! You won’t regret it!

There are not much more things to say on Woodin if it isn’t awesome and great. If you now ask yourself why you should buy it or wear it just wait the next article I’m going to post. See you very soon !!

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