VLISCO: the African way to be elegant

Let's imagine diverse and varied forms. Let's choose some colors. Let go your imagination. That is how your adventure Vlisco begins. Imagine des formes diverses et variées. Choisis des couleurs. Laisse aller ton imagination. C'est par là que commence ton aventure Vlisco. If I had to attribute to every letter of VLISCO a meaning, I … Continue reading VLISCO: the African way to be elegant


It seems initially easy to illustrate a city. Photography can play this role. You only need to present the most famous monuments and the problem will be solved. And yet, here are only the appearance. Fortunately a city is not defined only by its monuments, but also by residents who composes it, and which make it live. … Continue reading StreetBarroco

Amiens’ soul

What is Amiens? Let me introduce it. Amiens is a little city situated between Lille, the biggest city in the north of France, and Paris. Well known for his Cathedral (more beautiful than Notre-Dame-de-Paris) and known as the city of the new French president, Amiens has much more talents. Street artists are one side of … Continue reading Amiens’ soul