Woodin Sweets

Are you a pro of Haute Couture? Are you a real fan of African Wax? I bet that those who shall answer yes, do not know the creator Woodin. The African Haute Couture is in ascent and you have to take a look at it. If you already traveled to Africa or if you socialize with … Continue reading Woodin Sweets

The Good Hour of Kapten

Lately, the brand "Daniel Wellington" has made noise mostly in the lives of young people and adults. And yet "Kapten & Son" has nothing to envy. Indeed "Kapten & sound" provide sunglasses, bracelets and watches quite impressive. What is pretty cool with this brand, it's customization. Yeeeees, you can "create" your own watches! Unique, special, … Continue reading The Good Hour of Kapten

Is the “Swagg” dead and buried ? 

Has society forgotten this word? Was he ridiculed? The term "swag" seems to have disappeared the jargon or at least French jargon. Who has never used this term? Few people have never uttered it. And for so much right now I hear not even be whispered? I still remember these phrases intended to belittle or … Continue reading Is the “Swagg” dead and buried ? 

Two eco-friendly promising brands

Hi there, I'm here today to tell you about two brands which, for me, is improving day by day. With the arrival of the Sun, heat and summer, nothing better than to modernize his wardrobe. I am referring to Pinqponq and Faguo. Faguo is currently best known as Pinqponq, but no doubt that these two brands are going to … Continue reading Two eco-friendly promising brands