VLISCO: the African way to be elegant

Let's imagine diverse and varied forms. Let's choose some colors. Let go your imagination. That is how your adventure Vlisco begins. Imagine des formes diverses et variées. Choisis des couleurs. Laisse aller ton imagination. C'est par là que commence ton aventure Vlisco. If I had to attribute to every letter of VLISCO a meaning, I … Continue reading VLISCO: the African way to be elegant

The Bucket Hat: a timless accessory

You don't have a face made for hats? Hats don't fit you, do they? Let's rediscover together the inescapable headgear we don't even think about. Vous n'avez pas une tête à casquette ? Un chapeau n'est pas ce qui vous va le mieux ? Redécouvrons ensemble le couvre chef incontournable auquel on ne pense que trop peu.  … Continue reading The Bucket Hat: a timless accessory

The bumbag: a timeless accessory

Hello from Paris. Hope your week is going well and I hope that the weather does not make you sad. If it is the case, let us change our minds by speaking about bumbags. Je vous passe le bonjour de Paris. J'espère que votre semaine se passe bien et que le temps de vous rend pas triste. … Continue reading The bumbag: a timeless accessory

The tool of the young bearded man

An irreproachable beard does not appear naturally. All the bearded men know that. It's often unclear, for young bearded man, where the maintenance begins. Une barbe irréprochable n'apparait pas d'elle-même. Tout les hommes barbus le savent. Par quoi débute le soin d'une barbe est souvent flou chez les jeunes barbus. For the past 6 months, I persist in … Continue reading The tool of the young bearded man

Pointer : Madam Londoner

When it comes to do shopping and make cases, two concepts are facing each other: curiosity and suspicion. Sometimes you regret your purchases and sometimes you will be so happy that a feeling of pride will be born into you. It is this latter case that I had with "pointer footwear" and I'm gonna tell you … Continue reading Pointer : Madam Londoner


It seems initially easy to illustrate a city. Photography can play this role. You only need to present the most famous monuments and the problem will be solved. And yet, here are only the appearance. Fortunately a city is not defined only by its monuments, but also by residents who composes it, and which make it live. … Continue reading StreetBarroco

This fashion “clapper-socks” which is not mine

At the approach of the summer, the ceaseless debate of clappers-socks is reborn from the ashes of the last winter. The tap-dancing freshly taken out of the cupboard meet the socks that are omnipresent all year round.       We could think this trend is born from the unability to choose between summer and … Continue reading This fashion “clapper-socks” which is not mine

8 Boxes For 8 Pleasures

Have you already heard from "La Box Homme". If you have already, I have to congratulate you. Otherwise, I'm not going to scold you, but you must now click on that link below. Hurry up, my friends La Box Homme: Web Site According to them, "La Box Homme" is dedicated to a man who knows that … Continue reading 8 Boxes For 8 Pleasures

The Good Hour of Kapten

Lately, the brand "Daniel Wellington" has made noise mostly in the lives of young people and adults. And yet "Kapten & Son" has nothing to envy. Indeed "Kapten & sound" provide sunglasses, bracelets and watches quite impressive. What is pretty cool with this brand, it's customization. Yeeeees, you can "create" your own watches! Unique, special, … Continue reading The Good Hour of Kapten